Why do people are still against gay mariage

Gay marriage is not a matter of if, but when. In several States neither the church nor the government need to be involved at all, and all the couple needs to do is show that they intended to be married by holding themselves up to their community as such for a set period of time.

This hinges on the idea that gender roles are or should be fixed, as dictated by scripture, most often cited for the sake of healthy child development. Have the 11 countries where gay marriage is legal crumbled yet?

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In summer , MP Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon announced her intention to introduce a proposal to the National Assembly in early to prohibit the usage of such 'treatments'. She published research comparing the development of children of homosexual parents and heterosexual parents as early as Julien et al.

Slone, T.

Why do people are still against gay mariage
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