The Families of Man: Gay Male Intimacy and Kinship in a

One recent Australian study that examined relationships among young gay men found that although communication was identified as a relationship ideal, relationships were often characterised by silence and the reluctance to acknowledge the possibility of sex with other partners.

AIDS Care , 18 2 , — Sexual risk behaviour among gay men in a relationship. Sexualities , 9 1 , 27—

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Marta Roca I Escoda shows that despite the position of the Spanish lawmaker, which refers to intention as the key factor of filiation, the biogenetic element is part of the concept of filiation, as much from the legal point of view as in practice for homosexual couples.

The important questions that surrogacy raises concerning the availability of the human body and the commercial aspect of this practice in certain countries obscure other issues that pique the curiosity of an anthropologist interested in kinship and definitions of being.

Belaisch-Allart, J.

The Families of Man: Gay Male Intimacy and Kinship in a
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