Guys are either born gay or they re not

If its a choice it means everyone is bisexual If you choose to be gay you have to choose to be straight And be ignoring the fact your attracted to the same sex when you are. I do believe there are some consistencies of course but I find it dangerous to pose a clear answer to something as complex and changing as sexuality.

Well I know I do. A lot of trans people I know were sexually abused or had their sexuality questioned a lot. If the answer to that is yes, then I think it's fair to say one could also be born gay because what is the thing that guarantees that from the womb that you are straight?

Your Catholic friend thinks gay people are born that way? Il wait.

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Guys are either born gay or they re not

Bibliographie Alexander, M. Malebranche, D. In , drug addiction and alcoholism were eliminated as qualifying criteria for receipt of federal Supplemental Security Income SSI benefits. Toughness is required to avoid victimization, including and especially rape.

Guys are either born gay or they re not
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