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Confined to a circumscription, like the prefect, the bishop himself is simply an ecclesiastical prefect, a little less uncertain of his tenure of office; undoubtedly, his removal will not be effected by order, but he can be forced to send in his resignation.

There are no opponents to this doctrine, or this use of it, in France. Seeing the point? To carry on yourself and you might assume the evening i. His condition, his salary, 1 his table, clothes and furniture, his out-of-door ways and habits, give him rank in the village alongside of the school-teacher and postmaster; in the large borough or small town, alongside of the justice of the peace and college professor; in the large towns, side by side with the head of a bureau or a chief of division; at Paris, in certain parishes, alongside of the prefect of police and the prefect of the Seine.

Warned by his Gallican legists, he saw the ecclesiastical import of his work; but it was too late to retreat—the decisive step had been taken. Henceforth, and forever, bread is taken out of his mouth; if he has it to-day, it is lacking on the morrow.

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What shall we say of men who, in the name of religious liberty, deluged their land with blood, trampled on the very first principles of patriotism, calling in strangers to their assistance, and openly rejoicing in the disasters of their country, and who, when they at last attained their object, immediately established a religious tyranny as absolute as that which they had subverted?

They were a lot less costly than the caps in lace we see nowadays, they could be washed and, as a good lady of the Gallo region told me, if they needed ironing, you could just sit on them. Notes SThis stanza from Apollinaire's "Chanson du Mal-Aim6" evokes a traditionally idealized Western view of the faraway exotic island.

A Dominican gay man told us that his former lover impregnated two women during the cour
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