Gay men are promiscuous

And that's not me speaking literally in the wake of JNT's memoirs. John Harvey et al. In the Degrassi episode "Moonlight Desires" Marco catches his boyfriend Dylan in bed making out with another guy. To add an even more intriguing note — as gay marriage spreads, promiscuity seems to be dropping.

Camperio-Ciani and other researchers have gathered some evidence that relatives of homosexuals have more sexual partners, and more offspring, than relatives of a comparable sample of heterosexuals. Am J Psychiatry. Sexuality portal.

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Qui plus est, connaissant le contenu de la nouvelle loi sur le VIH, des hommes ou des femmes qui ont eu de nombreux partenaires et pensent avoir peut-être le VIH sont beaucoup moins enclins à aller se faire tester dans le centre le plus proche pour en avoir le coeur net. Consomme de l'alcool, consacre ses périodes de loisirs surtout à des activités non constructives flâne dans les arcades, [ People tend to stigmatize or blame certain groups for spreading HIV, [ Without denigrating the wide range and high quality of radio services offered by EBU members, we need to recognize.

Gay men are promiscuous
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