Chou prefers not to use the words gay or homosexual in the Chinese context

Informativeness Potentially a "dumbing-down" of the PRC-ROC political situation for the reader, which is a much more complicated issue than what might be implied by an article name change Consistency The existence of the ROC makes the China situation unique, therefore China should NOT be like most other countries Effect on other articles Requires merging, moving and information rewriting of pre from China , e.

But of course Giustra and Clinton both deny Bill had anything to do with getting the deal closed. Then there is the Clinton Presidential Center, which is mostly the presidential library in Little Rock. This activity has become popular among some urban Chinese women as a form of exercise, with at least a few of them unaware that westerners associate it with stripping.

Republic of China and Taiwan would remain unchanged. To be sure, do some Google searches for yourself and look at how the term "China" is used.

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However, if we transcribe our speech into writing, and if we analyse what we say, we would soon discover that the most convenient way of dividing it up is into sentences. Or perhaps I should say they lost track of me.

Chou prefers not to use the words gay or homosexual in the Chinese context
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