Antihomophobe action

Inhuman Act - Anti Homophobe (demo)

Despite some attempts to break out, the police mostly managed to prevent us from coming into contact with the far right as we marched, although there was a hilarious moment where a small group of Tommy supporters got stuck in a park as we marched past it and attempted to hurl abuse at us from the bushes, like a species of drunk racist hedgehog.

Background August the 3 rd was especially important because it was the first major mobilisation for the London Antifascist Assembly LAFA , a coalition of individuals and groups that was formally created in early , but traces its roots back the antifascist mobilisations of the second half of A man holds a banner as people gather at Freedom Plaza to protest the white nationalist Unite the Right rally in downtown Washington.

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  • But, despite some problems between individual stewards, SUTR behaved in a far less antagonistic manner towards the LAFA bloc as a whole, and fell in behind us when we marched off down Regents Street towards the far right meeting point at Oxford Circus. Photos of the day.
  • Sekarung Rindu Untuk, Mama. View More.
Antihomophobe action

De l'écologie Où sortir? Impression sur le devant Dans le dos. Des conflits dans le monde?

Antihomophobe action
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